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We imagine a world where all products are built to last, where they are repairable instead of replaceable, longevity is valued over disposability and where customers and companies are happy with their products. These products will create zero waste, be energy efficient and top performing.

We’re part of the circular economy and we’re here to help consumers and companies achieve those goals.


Appliances waiting for disposal

We’re tired of hearing about cracked drawers and faulty compressors in refrigerators, bad heating elements and burners in ovens, fried electronic panels on dryers, etc, etc. etc. And we’re really concerned about the potential climate impact of improperly disposed refrigerants (hint: according to [Drawdown] (, it’s the largest potential contributor to climate change) it's the largest potential contributor to climate change.

Old appliances last longer – sometimes 20 or 30 years – but use more energy. They can also be a challenge to repair. Unless you have the right help – and we can help you find it.

New appliances have more electronic bells and whistles but they often break down within the first 2 years – something that happens more and more frequently these days. The repair cost can be as much or more than the cost of replacing. That’s a waste of money and resources. They should be able to make it to 10 years, but often don’t last as long as their projected lifespan.

life expectancy of major appliances

Consumers are frustrated, for good reason. Just watch this episode of CBC Marketplace, Repairmen Unplugged

“Planned obsolescence” is commonly associated with appliances – whether manufacturers intend it or not. It also creates skeptical consumers and a lack of trust with appliance manufacturers.

But decent appliances do exist and our mission is to help you find the appliances that last the longest, perform the best, and are affordably repairable when they break. We also want to help you avoid appliances that are lemons from the beginning.

We’re a new breed of company that’s part of the circular economy – helping consumers find great appliances and giving manufacturers a reason to make better quality ones.

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