Dishwasher Problems? A Resource Round-Up To Help You Find The Answer

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Troubleshoot dishwasher problems with this handy list of manufacturers and independent repair companies when your dishwasher isn't performing properly.

I've been doing a lot of research into reliable and repairable appliances.  There is a lot of information out there - and there are some great videos provided on websites as well as from independent service people on Youtube to help you.  As Consumer Reports notes in its testing, all the dishwashers they tested cleaned dishes, it was merely a matter of features (including noise level).

There is a disturbing trend towards a lack of longevity and repairability of major appliances. As competition heats up between the manufacturing giants, they make design decisions that make it cheaper to manufacture appliances but more difficult to repair them. Or, at least sometimes that's the case, and sometimes it's just a pure design or manufacturing flaw.

But you might not know where to start looking when you have a particular problem with your dishwasher. Here is a list of the best resources on the web to help you diagnose and solve your dishwasher problem.

Manufacturer's Dishwasher Troubleshooting sites:

    1. Bosch:
    2. Electrolux:
    3. Frigidaire:
    4. GE:
    5. KitchenAid:
    6. Maytag:
    7. LG Canada: 
    8. LG US:
    9. Miele:
    10. Samsung:
    11. Whirlpool:

Independent Repair Troubleshooting sites:

  1. Washer Error Codes:
  2. DIY Troubleshooting:
  3. Sears:
  4. Appliance Repair:
  5. Parts Select:

DIY Websites:

  1. Handyman Tips:
  2. CNET:
  3. Home Tips:
  4. Digital Trends:

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